We are Black Swans!!

Unbelievable!  Yippee!!  Hooray!!!  These were the thoughts that were going through my head last week when my business partner, Melissa Michalski was accepted into the Black Swan 2 Project.  And yes, we did a little victory dance when we heard the news.  Our enthusiasm was palpable and everything felt amazing.  It still does a week after the news has sunk in.

So who are we and how did we get here?  Melissa and I are business partners in CertPro Accounting Team Inc in Winnipeg.  It is a stipulation of the Black Swan Project that in a multi-partner business like ours, all partners must be on board and fully participate in the program.  So throughout the coming year, you will see blogs from both us.

Last year, Melissa and I attended the 1st Annual IPBC conference in Vancouver.  We had just become business partners, although we had been working together for a few years.  At that conference, it was the first time we heard about Ron Baker from VeraSage.  Everyone was talking about Ron; we had to hear him speak.  And so we did.  The man was amazing.  If you have ever had the pleasure to listen to him, you know what we are talking about.  You become spellbound by his unusual way of running a professional practice.  If you haven’t heard him speak, you must.  He is highly intelligent, witty, eloquent, and charismatic.  Every word uttered by Ron Baker has purpose and as a listener, you cannot feel anything other than a call to action.  He is a leader and a motivator.  We left that conference in awe of Ron Baker.

Fast forward one year and Melissa and I are attending the 2nd Annual IPBC Conference in Mississauga.  Under our belt, we have one full year of running our practice together.  We listen to the Black Swans talk about their experiences and the transformation their practices went through for the better despite all the growing pains they endured.  We listen to Ron Baker speak again and a fire is ignited in us.  We must apply for the Black Swan Project!

Back in Winnipeg, we complete the application and submit it.  We make it to the interview process.  And last week, we get the call that our firm has been accepted into the program.  Now, that the initial wave of sheer elation has waned, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Our first telephone group meeting took place last week, where we had the pleasure of meeting our fellow Black Swans (albeit not in person yet).  Ron Baker set the stage for the task facing us over the coming year.  And now the work begins.

It is an unbelievable honour to be part of the Black Swan Project.  This coming year will be very dynamic and eventful and we are more than ready for it.  Because we have Ron to mentor us through the Value Pricing process and through the Timesheet Trashing process, we know, in our heart of hearts that next year at this time, our practice will be a different animal.  And Melissa and I welcome the changes with open minds.  Bring on the challenge!

Co-authored by Bea Dabrowski, B.A., CPB & Melissa Michalski, B.Comm(Hons), CPB